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Fresh Coffee, Food & Snacks, Sundries, More!

Job’s Perk, Open from 6 a.m. Daily


Stop by Job’s Perk located on the first floor of the hotel, just up the four steps from the casino.

Coffee and Other Beverages: A full selection of coffee and espresso drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks, champagne & canned beer.

Food and Snacks: A variety of fresh-baked pastries, smoothies, ice cream, fresh fruit, assorted cheeses, hot dogs, chili, clam chowder, snacks, candy and more! Grab 'n' Go sandwiches and salads just 6.00 each.

Sundries and More: We also carry sundry items, newspapers and gift baskets!

CVI Logo Items: Hats, shirts, golf balls, coffee mugs and other items.

Can't Find it in Job's Perk? We might have it at the Carson Valley Market Convenience Store located next to the main hotel.